What's next

By working with commercial operators as well as running intervention programmes with central government, our digital infrastructure partnership aims to bring gigabit capable broadband to over 90% of Oxfordshire premises by 2025, as well as making a stepchange in 4G mobile coverage by all four mobile network operators.  We will also facilitate the rollout of next generation 5G mobile networks and create ways for this new technology to improve lives as well as business productivity in Oxfordshire.

In addition to existing projects underway, the digital infrastructure team are planning;

  • Gigabit Oxford.  This project aims to deliver gigabit capable broadband connectivity to all business and residential premises in the city of Oxford
  • Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme (RGCP).  This project aims to deliver gigabit capable broadband to over 100 rural Oxfordshire hub sites that provide public services.  The project will also deliver over a thousand gigabit capable broadband connections to premises in the vicinity of the hub sites
  • RGC Voucher Scheme.  This project refreshes the approach to using central government voucher funding to augment programme delivery underway with Openreach and Airband
  • Outside-In.  We will be supporting the next largescale intervention planned by central government which has £5bn of funding available to install gigabit capable broadband in the 20% of premises that are not planned under existing commercial operator plans