Nuffield Village - Will Brocklebank, CEO Shepherd

Since upgrading to superfast fibre broadband, Will’s download speeds have soared from ~5Mbps to 72Mbps, thanks to the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme.

This means he can run his Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning business, with a distributed team across the UK, from his headquarters home in Nuffield Village. His wife, a TV producer, and their two children have also benefitted from the increased speeds.

“Having a reasonable and reliable internet connection is just as important a utility as water; especially if you have a family. For the community, there are ecological benefits – you can avoid driving or catching the train and reduce the strain on our infrastructure,” says Will Brocklebank.

“The Better Broadband programme has addressed the requirement of Nuffield village. When you run a business from home, one of the challenges of our modern operating systems is keeping compatible with cloud services, whether you chose them or not, they are always synchronising or uploading. Technology is literally being choked to death as computers put more strain on it, which is why the BBfO programme is crucial. Having fast internet isn’t just about leisure, such as surfing the web and just reading on-line but our day-to-day work, community and welfare - it’s that important.”

Will experienced a seamless transition with his internet service provider and strongly recommends it to other people thinking about opting for an upgrade.