We do not have any direct funded projects underway for improving mobile coverage in Oxfordshire.  We are however ensuring a joined-up approach to mobile mast planning applications across the county, by way of the Digital Infrastructure Partnership.  We also regularly engage with all four Mobile Network Operators and their industry body, MobileUK, to understand rollout plans for existing 4G coverage as well as the new high capacity 5G services.

Under the recently announced £1bn Shared Rural Network, all Operators have agreed the basis to share mast infrastructure in rural areas to reduce the problem of partial coverage where only a subset of mobile networks have coverage.  This is augmented by government funding to assist the business case for building mobile infrastructure in total ‘not-spots’.  Across the UK, the programme will guarantee delivery of infrastructure to enable an additional 280,000 premises to receive 3G and 4G reception, as well as a boost to in-car coverage for c 45,000km of the highways network.

This website will be updated to show planned locations in Oxfordshire as they become available.