The Digital Infrastructure Programme (DIP) team is part of Oxfordshire County Council and collaborates with diverse partners to improve digital infrastructure across the county.

By working with commercial operators, central government and running intervention projects, the programme helps to facilitate digital infrastructure delivery and improve access to broadband, mobile and public access to Wi-Fi services across the county.

By 2025 we aim to help facilitate delivery of Gigabit Capable Broadband to over 90% of Oxfordshire premises and make a stepchange in 4G mobile coverage.

In addition, we aim to facilitate the rollout of next generation 5G mobile networks and identify ways for this technology to benefit the people of Oxfordshire and improve business productivity.

Our Work


From connecting remote village halls, GP surgeries, schools, and other public service buildings as part of the GigaHubs project, to leading an ambitious 5G Innovation Region project, and designing connectivity foundations for a ‘Smart Oxfordshire’, our project work is exciting and rewarding. Find out more about our projects.

In addition to the projects our team is working on, other work we do includes:

  • Understanding Coverage: We actively engage with external providers to gain insights into both current and future commercial planned coverage across the county. By doing so, we encourage digital infrastructure investment in Oxfordshire and stay informed about the connectivity landscape, anticipating upcoming developments.
  • Identifying Gaps: Our team identifies areas that might not be covered by upcoming commercial rollouts. These gaps are opportunities for us to step in and find solutions through individual projects.
  • Helping Residents When Civil Works Are Planned in Their Locations: This work can be disruptive, and we have a dedicated fibre advisory officer who helps to make sure these works are undertaken in line with regulations and are resident friendly.
  • Guidance and Support: We provide personalised advice to residents and businesses. This includes helping them understand the best connectivity options available for their premises and answering any other connectivity-related queries. We also offer guidance and support within the council; whether it’s improving connectivity at county council-owned premises or exploring new services, our team is dedicated to making a positive impact.
  • Collaboration and Service Improvement: Our commitment extends beyond external partners. We actively collaborate with other directorates, services, and teams within the county council. By doing so, we collectively work towards improving overall council service delivery.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our team actively engages in multiple Governance and Strategic Boards. These platforms serve as crucial touchpoints where we inform and collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including providers, councillors, and senior leaders within the organisation.

Our primary objective is to keep all stakeholders informed about the programme’s progress, project highlights, and any potential risks. By maintaining transparent communication, we ensure that everyone is aligned and well-informed.

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