Project Gigabit

Project Gigabit is the UK government’s flagship £5 billion initiative aimed at delivering full-fibre, reliable broadband to communities across the country. Project Gigabit targets areas that are not planned for commercial fibre broadband delivery.

The government has ambitious digital connectivity targets and aims to reach a minimum of 85% gigabit-capable coverage by 2025, with further rollout aiming for as close to 100% as possible by 2033.

The government expects the private sector to deliver gigabit-capable broadband to around 80% of premises in the UK. The remaining 20% of premises that are harder to reach and less likely for suppliers to make a return on investment will be uncommercial, and the government will subsidise the roll out of broadband to such premises through Project Gigabit.

By reaching these underserved locations, Project Gigabit aims to bridge the digital divide. Project Gigabit is therefore a vital step toward a future-ready UK, where broadband infrastructure meets the needs of residents and businesses.

If you would like to find out more of the context, the government has provided more details in its National Infrastructure Strategy. You can skip to page 31 on this PDF version of the strategy for the section on Digital Connectivity.

Project Gigabit in Oxfordshire

In November 2023, following a supplier consultation and procurement process, BDUK awarded broadband supplier Gigaclear two Project Gigabit contracts to provide around 10,000 premises in Oxfordshire with access to gigabit-capable broadband. The value of both contracts combined is in the region of £26 million. 

Oxfordshire County Council and the Digital Infrastructure Programme team in particular, welcome this announcement of significant additional funding for Oxfordshire to increase access to full fibre broadband. However, the announcement acknowledges that more collaborative work is needed with BDUK, which the team will undertake, and we will keep Oxfordshire residents up to date with developments.

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