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Oxfordshire is one of the most connected counties in the UK. With close ties to our two universities and the business community we are innovating our way to the future. The Digital Infrastructure Programme is bringing cutting edge connectivity to Oxfordshire. Led by Oxfordshire County Council we're partnering with local enterprises, city and district councils to bring Full Fibre, 4G/5G across the county. You can find out more about the individual projects from the menus on the right hand side. 

What makes a Smart County examples include drones, cloud storage, smart health,home,power,logistics and trade, culham science centre and harwell research centre etc

What is a smart county?

The Digital Infrastructure Team have produced the vision for a ‘Smart County,’ which includes the digital aspects required for the residents and businesses of Oxfordshire. This vision encompasses a holistic view of present and future requirements and includes for example, the Internet of Things, 5G, Full-Fibre and being able to Work from Home; these are just some of the digital aspects to initiate a ‘Smart County.’ Oxfordshire also has innovation at the forefront with the Harwell Research Centre and Culham Science Centre.

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Did you know?

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire (BBFO) programme has enabled over 90,000 premises to receive access to Superfast Broadband. Among these premises, the programme has brought this connectivity to over 100 churches, 120+ schools, 170+ village halls & 190+ farms, plus many more.

Social Tariffs

Social tariffs are here

Social Tariffs are Broadband and mobile deals offered by various suppliers to eligible households, who are in need of financial support with their broadband or phone services.


GigaHubs click to find out more

Oxfordshire County Council is working with Neos Networks to connect schools, GP Practices, Fire Stations, Libraries, Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Village Halls and Museums with gigabit capable fibre.

How the programme has benefitted our residents

The programme has connected over 100,000 premises in the County with over 80% using the new services.

The below testimonials highlight just a fraction of the benefits the programme has brought to communities across Oxfordshire.

In light of the current lockdown, our internet access has been life-changing. Every one of the 15 households have received a positive benefit with previous broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps. Read more...


Before superfast broadband, streaming one device was problematic and we had to take it in turns to watch our favourite programmes; now, we can all perform our software updates simultaneously. Read more...

James Davies, Parish Councillor
Stoke Lyne

Having fast internet isn’t just about leisure, such as surfing the web and just reading on-line but our day-to-day work, community and welfare - it’s that important. Read more...

Will Brocklebank
CEO Shepherd, Nuffield Village