Pishill Valley - Ingemar Jonsson, Speckled Design

“As a family, we felt very isolated as mobile signals still don’t reach the Pishill Valley – with ultrafast broadband we can now receive 305Mbps!”

“As a furniture designer, I work closely with a design studio in Sweden and used to fly there regularly. However, since ultrafast internet was introduced by the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme, I now manage to complete most tasks over the internet with both video conferencing and also by collaborating on shared screens. This has enabled me to take part in new developments and some of the new CAD programs are only cloud based, so without ultrafast internet, they would be impossible to access.”

“It is not only in our work and communication where we have experienced so many positive changes, but also leisurely, such as watching television. We now have all the flexibility to watch catch-up and connect to programmes such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime as well as accessing music, Podcasts and a world of current affairs and on-line information platforms. I can’t praise Craig Bower from Oxfordshire County Council enough, as he was pivotal to the installation of ultrafast broadband in the Pishill Valley. I think having internet access is just as important as water and electricity; it’s priceless!”