Stoke Lyne - James Davies, Parish Councillor

“Superfast broadband has been a gamechanger for our entire community – Thank you BBfO!”

Before the upgrade to superfast broadband, James received download speeds of just 1.2Mbps, now receives the opposite extreme of 71Mbps, which enables James’ family to use multiple devices simultaneously and to reliably work from home.

“Before superfast broadband, streaming one device was problematic and we had to take it in turns to watch our favourite programmes; now, we can all perform our software updates simultaneously”.

“In my role as a Parish Councillor, I require fast and reliable broadband to download and upload large documents from our meetings to the parish website.”

“When I heard that our superfast broadband connection had been enabled, I decided to change Internet Service Providers to get a more reliable service and despite changing suppliers, it could not have gone more smoothly. I was given a date of two weeks for my provider to be swapped over and the date and time that I was given was honoured, right down to the exact hour; all direct debits were also very easy to set-up and cancel.”