Wyfold – David

Life significantly changed when Wyfold became upgraded with ultrafast broadband (FTTP).

David can now receive up to a staggering 150Mbps on his current broadband package, which could go up to a maximum of 300Mbps! David is delighted and occasionally likes to check that his connection speeds still remain jaw-dropping – 142.1Mbps download, 30.0 Mbps upload last confirmed!

Since making the upgrade to FTTP, David has an endless list of possibilities and can now leisurely stream music, videos, download TV channels and films; use Skype, Zoom and FaceTime with friends and family; upload all photos and documents to cloud storage services for security. David can also use wi-fi calling on his mobile phone – “at last we can hear what people are saying at the other end!” Best of all, David is thankful that he’s no longer hounded with the continuous question, “is someone using the internet?!"

“In light of the current lockdown, our internet access has been life-changing. Every one of the 15 households have received a positive benefit with previous broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps. Our immediate neighbours are able to work from home and have two teenagers at a critical stage of their schooling and university studies, but still able to communicate online simultaneously. So many of us in lockdown are now relying on digital video media to group with our friends; all of which would have been impossible without the infrastructure upgrades that we’ve had.”